117. That Mandatory Friendship Day Post.

I got this idea like 4 months back but had to wait for this day. I truly do have patience. q: Enjoy | Nischal.

116. Reminder: Client meeting at 9:30.

Just lemme be under the blanket and i’ll be fine. Enjoy | Nischal

115. The Narcissistic.

#logic Enjoy | Nischal

114. Cat Food, Meal for One and A Bottle of Wine.

Love | Nischal

113. Message in the Time Capsule.

Five years later, it’ll still be the same. Enjoy | Nischal.

112. Boyfriend & Boy friend.

This post is deep. Enjoy | Nischal.

111. Valentine’s Blues.

Reality can be harsh. Love | Nischal.

110. All. Hic. I. Hic. Want. Hic. For. Hic…

Happy Holidays. Love | Nischal.

109. “Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?” ♪

I post so less nowadays that i’ve forgotten how to post blogs. must keep up. And while trying to update my old theme, i lost my previous look…

108. “It’s Just. A Little Crush..” ♫

Nix and his goofy smile. Love | Nischal.

107. That Time of The Month

Oh Nix, you adorable genius. Enjoy | Nischal.

106. #Reality.

Gotta admire Nix. love | Nischal.