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“Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?” ♪


I post so less nowadays that i’ve forgotten how to post blogs. must keep up.

And while trying to update my old theme, i lost my previous look because the developer had changed the layout completely. I mean everything i had designed was gone. boom! My site was looking like an ugly page with ugly huge thumbnails staring at me.

So i decided to find the dev and ask if he has kept the older version of the template because i’d used all the HTML skills i learnt at NIIT, worked my ass to make it look pretty… but no Mr. Dev had to show his design skill and change the entire layout. Idiot was only suppose to tweak the codes not change the design.

Anyways i couldn’t write a mail to the dev because he has a site for himself but no way i can write to him. Nothing. Nada. Then after 50 minutes of rage and self blaming mixed with dev blaming i decided that “shit happens”. Thankfully i calmed down because worst things happened after that.

So i moved on in search of a new theme. I hate to admit, WordPress has the worst themes ever. Like ever. This is the community that belongs to old librarians. Tumblr has lots of savvy themes. Impressive ones.

Anyways, long story short, i shortlisted few themes and kept switching to see what works best. Anyone checking my site at that time would have questioned him/herself if he/she is seeing things or is that because of too much drinking.

So finally i settled down on one look. Not the one i have currently. But still i continued meddling with settings. It was already 3 in the morning. After kinda saying yeah… this is kind of it, i decided to search for more themes. This is pretty much the curse i live with. Every time i’m done with work, i want to see if there’s something more that i can do which is like pretty stupid thing to do when it’s already 3:04 am.

So i searched again, found few more new themes. Started trying them. Then one of the theme had some code errors.. and boom! just like that! everything gone! kapoosh! Except one line showing “Error code: Blah blah blah blah…”. Time: 3:15 am.

I was like “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…” ala Darth Vader.

Time: 3:17 am. So i decided frantically that i have to now write to the WordPress devs saying my site is down and i can’t even access my admin page otherwise i could have easily changed the theme. But hey… it turns out to lodge a complain you have to log in to the WordPress site, so i tried logging in but hey! i just can’t fucking remember my password now.

Time: 3:25 am. I decided to wait it out after the site told me “You’ve overused your password attempts… Please try after few minutes.” Then i thought, anyways those guys will never be able to help me out much because i’m not on their site, i’m using their engine to RUN my site. Then i realised i can actually get it fixed by re-updating WordPress on my site. For that i have to log into Go Daddy, my hosting site. Of course, i need to find the username and password first.

Time: 3:30 am. I was quite impressed that i had the username and password neatly typed and stored. So i logged in and went straight in and deleted the corrupted theme folder from my server. NOT re-update as i had planned earlier. Opened another tab, went to my site…

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo…” like how Anakin lost his arm.

My page had nothing. Nada. A blank freaking page. At least last time i had one line which said “Error code: Blah blah blah blah…”

Time: 3:40 am. I was stumped for few minutes. I mean how can i go and make things worse but turns out i have a talent. By now, i was thinking whatever old theme i had was working perfectly.. why did i have to update… why did i try new ones… why did i delete the damn folder… lots of whys. Thankfully, not about life. “Not tonight, honey. TONIGHT I HAVE ONLINE EXISTENTIAL PROBLEMS!”

So i tried looking at my site from my mobile. It was still there, in a mobile-friendly version. At least the content was still there. Anyways… i tried the Admin page and WordPress gave me access because it realised that the error page wasn’t there anymore so it went to default theme whatever that was. I was like “Phew…”. I was relieved. Not ecstatic because i knew how much i had fucked up.

Time: 4:14 am. I finally decided that THIS existing current theme is the best after lots of trials. Again. I made one small change to the default theme so that the ‘YAK, YETI N ME’ stands out. “BRANDING”.

So here it is… my “bare minimum” site. I just decided to shed unwanted pages and menus and thumbnails and keep it clean and simple and to the point. And if anyone wants help from me to figure out their blog sites… count me out!


Love [until next time] | Nischal

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