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105. Existential Crisis.

Gotta love Nix. Enjoy | Nischal.

104. Stoopid Cupid.

Oh well… Cupid really knows how to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Love | Nischal. ((:

103. Friendzoned.

It works both ways, you know. q: Love | Nischal. ((:  

102. La révolution Facebook.

  Enjoy! q: Love | Nischal. ((:

101. The Christmas Spirit.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! q: Love | Nischal. ((:

100. That Cute Reply.

Well.. about 10 months back i realised that i’m hitting the 100th strip, so i wanted to make it special. That put me through lots of pressure… trying…

99. Red Balloons Go By.

Happy New Year to ya all… ((: An oh… you won’t get this post unless you know the song. ((: Love | Nischal.

98. Comparative Analysis.

love | nischal. ((:

97. “Happiness is…”

love | nischal. ((:

96. The [Boy]Friend Request.

i think the process is called “Filtering instead of Regretting”. enjoy | nischal. ((:

95. The Bored Room.

i’m sure that was how Gravity was discovered. q: enjoy | nischal. ((:

94. Of Hearts and Minds.

enjoy | nischal. ((: